Cali Carter – Cuck in Chastity Oils Princess Ass Part 1 (1080 HD) (2020 REMASTER)

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Cali Carter – Cuck in Chastity Oils Princess Ass Part 1 (1080 HD) (2020 REMASTER)

Special 2020 Enhanced Remaster: 

Princess Cali applies her makeup while her cuck licks her ass. Cali’s friend, Brittney, Calls Cali’s phone. The conversation reveals that Brittney’s cuck has been giving Brittney its entire paycheck. Cali is upset. Cali has never gotten her cuck’s entire paycheck. She is both mad and jealous. Why hasn’t she even gotten a full paycheck? Cali can’t understand why her cuck has never done that for her. Surely she deserves whatever Brittney’s getting. Cali convinces her cuck to give her one whole paycheck. She lays her cuck down on the bed and grinds on her cuck’s face. Cali points out that she’s wearing two keys. One is her cuck’s and one is her sugar dummy’s. The cuck’s is around her neck. She wears the sugar dummy’s on a belly ring. Cali rocks and grinds herself on the cuckold’s face until she cums. Cali tells the cuck that it’s earned itself a treat. She allows the cuck the great privilege of oiling her ass. The cuck pours oil over Cali’s ass and rubs it into her skin. Cali wants to be sure that the full paycheck she’s getting is the biggest the cuck has ever earned. She wants the cuck to work a lot of overtime this week. The cuck agrees to work overtime and give Cali the big fat paycheck. Cali needs for the paycheck to be even bigger than Brittney’s paycheck check from her cuck. She reminds the cuck that it’ll still have to do all of her homework in addition to working extra hours. Cali inspects the cuck’s chastity and taunts it with the key. Cali and Brittney have a competition going on. They want to see whose slave can last in chastity the longest. Cali is very competitive. She wants to win. However long Brittney’s cuck is in chastity, Cali’s will have to beat it by at least a day. Cali makes the cuck gaze at the beautiful ass that her boyfriend fucks. (12:46  long)

Now in 1080 HD and color graded!

13 minutes




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