Cali Carter – Danni Worships Feet in Tight Chastity (720 HD)



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Cali Carter – Danni Worships Feet in Tight Chastity (720 HD)

720 HD: Cali goes over dannis obligations for the week. In addition to its usual responsibilities, danni will have to clean Calis boyfriends truck. Calis boyfriend drove through mud with the windows down, and now his truck is dirty inside and out. Cali doesnt feel that her boyfriend should have to pay someone to clean it. Cali notices that danni is fidgeting. Danni complains that its chastity is too tight. It begs Cali to loosen it. Cali examines dannis chastity. Danni has plenty of room. Cali thinks that she could even fit danni into a tighter one, if she wanted to. She assures danni that it will get used to the chastity. Danni should be spending less time thinking about its chastity, and more time thinking about its Princess in high heels. Cali has been wearing stilettos all day. She really needs danni to rub her feet. Cali has danni take off her shoes and kiss the tops of her feet. She makes danni inhale her sweaty feet, then kiss the bottoms. Cali makes danni bob its head on her big toe. Danni massages Calis feet with its mouth. Cali plays with her hair while danni sucks on her toes. Cali reminds danni that she knows its chastity is uncomfortable, but she can make it even worse. It can get tighter. It can get smaller. It can be made to wear it longer. Electrodes can even be added. So, really, dannis chastity is comfortable. Cali tells danni that she wants to pee in his mouth. Eventually danni agrees that he will drink Calis pee. (10:49 long)
Clip contains: Cali Carter, Female Domination, Foot Worship, Chastity

11 minutes




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