Cali Carter – Edging Game Ruins Slave Five Times (DVD)



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Cali Carter – Edging Game Ruins Slave Five Times (DVD)

DVD: Cali Carter wants to play an edging game. Her slave has spent six full weeks in chastity and shes just removed his device. The little would probably start masturbating immediately, but Cali has though ahead and pinned his arms in place. The goal of Calis game is to edge the slave a long time, then give it as many orgasms as she can. For every orgasm the slave has, hell have to spend another month in chastity. The goal for the slave is to resist the orgasms, so that he can earn as little time back in chastity possible. As an added element, Cali is going to ruin every orgasm, ensuring he gets nothing out of it. The slave doesnt want to play Calis game, but has no choice but to go along. Hes already been hooded and bound, so its useless to struggle against her cruel desires. Cali grinds her ass on the slaves thigh as his cock gets harder and harder. She is such a tease. Cali strokes the hard cock with one hand while dangling the chastity in the other. She teases the cock with her ass and pussy. Then, very slowly edges the cock with her hands. Cali works at building up a lot of cum in the slave so that she can ruin the huge load. While she has it at the edge, she casually mentions that shell be adding a few more of her bills to the slaves financial responsibilities. Cali slowly wrings out the slaves first ruined orgasm. The slave is milked continuously, powerless to resist. At this point he knows the second ruined orgasm is inevitable. Cali threatens to stop stroking if the slave doesnt agree to taking on the extra bill payments. The slave agrees, then starts to cum in Calis warm hand. Cali stops her stroking anyway, ruining the second orgasm. The slave has earned itself two months back in chastity. His body shakes as he pathetically oozes out a third ruined orgasm. Helplessly, the slave adds a fourth mess to the growing puddle on the floor. Cali announces she wants some new summer bikinis for her and her girlfriend. She makes plans for the slave to take them shopping after his fifth ruined orgasm. She pulls out its fifth ruined orgasm and is ready to shop. Cali decides that hell spend six months in chastity instead of five because she likes even numbers. She locks the slave into her chastity to get him ready to take her shopping. If you dont buy this clip, youre a bigger moron than we thought. (32:45 long)

Clip contains: Cali Carter, Female Domination, Edging Games, Bondage Male, Chastity, 5 Ruined Orgasms, Cock Milking, Zentai Suit

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