Cameron – Gorgeous Sorority Girl Uses Poor Girl and Small Male (720 HD)



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Cameron – Gorgeous Sorority Girl Uses Poor Girl and Small Male (720 HD)

720 HD: Cameron is a mean gorgeous sorority girl. She loves humiliating poor loser Lola. Cameron makes Lola worship her feet. She calls her a whore and makes fun of her throughout the clip. Cameron gets her way all the time since she is so pretty. Lola hates hot blonde sorority girls like Cameron. They take advantage of her because she is poor. Cameron makes fun of dateless Lola who has to clean the sorority house and the girl’s feet with her tongue. She makes fun of her for being poor. Cameron gets in Lola’s face to set her straight. She wants this poor whore to know who her boss is. Lola is shocked by Cameron’s emotional brutality and bitchyness. Cameron has everything and Lola has nothing and still she makes her feel worst. In a special bonus video, Cameron uses a human chair at lunch. The human chair has been shrunk down small enough so he fits underneath the kitchen table. Only his face extends out from under the table. The girls can then use his face as a comfortable place to sit while they eat. (12:43 long)

Clip contains: Cameron, Lola, Danni, foot worship, poor girl humiliated by rich girl, face sitting, human chair, smothering, male domination

12 minutes




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