Charlotte – Blackmails Sugar Dummy (1080 HD)



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Charlotte – Blackmails Sugar Dummy (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Charlotte has been having problems with her sugar dummy. Its not doing what its supposed to. All it wants to do is see Charlotte, spend time with her, talk to her on the phone, and buy her stupid flowers. Well, Charlotte needs her rent paid and the sugar dummy promised it would always be there to help Charlotte, but then why isnt it paying her rent? The sugar dummy calls Charlotte on the phone and wants to ask stupid questions like, how are you? Charlotte hates it so much, its so stupid and needy. With lots of heavy sighs and eye rolling Charlotte suggests that if it really cared about her it would pay her rent like she needs it to. The sugar dummy lists off all sorts of things it has done for her lately. Charlotte is so frustrated. Her dummy isnt listening. Its like it really doesnt care about her or if she gets kicked out of her apartment. Charlotte lays into the sugar dummy about all the things it isnt doing right. Then, Charlottes boyfriend calls. Charlotte puts the sugar dummy on hold. Her whole demeanor changes as she talks to her boyfriend. The argument with the sugar dummy continues until Charlotte has an idea. If Charlottes sugar dummy doesnt do what she needs it to, shes going to blackmail it. Buy the clip to see what Charlottes got on her sugar dummy and who ends up paying her rent. (15:48 long)
Clip contains: Charlotte Cross, Brat Girls, Blackmail Fantasy, Financial Domination

16 minutes




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