Charlotte – Lost Bet means Best Friends Little Step-Sister gets Foot Worshiping (1080 HD)



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Charlotte – Lost Bet means Best Friends Little Step-Sister gets Foot Worshiping (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Devon made a bet with Charlotte’s older step-sister. If Devon’s team loses, it means that she has to lick her friend’s little step-sister’s feet. Devon’s team does not win, but now Devon doesn’t want to lick Charlotte’s feet. Charlotte is younger than her and it’s humiliating. Charlotte seems very pleased at the thought of having her big step-sister’s friend lick her toes. Devon flat out refuses. Charlotte reminds Devon to play fairly. She lost the bet, so it means she has to do it.  Devon has never licked a foot before. She thinks it sounds gross. Charlotte gets very forceful with the older girl. She yells at her to just stick out her tongue and shut up. Startled, Devon does as she’s told. Charlotte wipes her foot across Devon’s tongue and laughs. Devon starts to cave. She begins to follow orders and very soon she’s compliant licking Charlotte’s soles. Once Devon is worshiping feet, Charlotte tells Devon to call her Princess. Devon starts referring to her best friend’s little step-sister as Princess. Then, Charlotte decides that she’s going to call Devon “bobblehead.” Princess really enjoys spending time with bobblehead! She wants to make it a regular thing. Bobblehead is still having second thoughts. But Charlotte is so incredibly manipulative, very soon Devon is falling into her trap. Charlotte has decided that she is going to make Devon her slave. Devon’s best friend is going to laugh at her when she sees that her little step-sister has turned her into a slave. Charlotte has big plans for her new slave girl. First thing, Charlotte is going to make out with Devon’s boyfriend in front of her. Devon will have to learn to not feel hurt, because making out with Devon’s boyfriend will make Charlotte happy. A good slave knows that it’s all about making Princess happy! (11:27 long)
Clip Contains: Charlotte Cross, Devon, Lesbian Domination, Foot Worship, Humiliation

11 minutes




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