Chelsea – Heel and Foot Worship before Ballbusting by Mean Bikini Girl (720 HD)



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Chelsea – Heel and Foot Worship before Ballbusting by Mean Bikini Girl (720 HD)

720 HD: Chelsea gave specific instructions to the ball kicking slave to buy her all three bikinis that she wanted. He ran out of money and could not afford to get the other two bikinis. She is very upset she did not get all the bathing suits she wanted. She makes the ball kicking slave lick the bottom of her filthy heels. The ball busting slave knows he is in trouble and tries to make her happy by licking her shoes. Chelsea spits right in his mouth because she can. Chelsea’s heels are really dirty from wearing them out to the clubs. Chelsea starts rubbing in the ball kicking slaves face how great her boyfriend is and how he has to buy her outfits so she can wear them for him. Chelsea is a mean girl in a bikini. Chelsea decides the slave is going to get busted for not getting her everything that she wanted. Chelsea even uses him like a garbage can. She puts gum wrappers, spit, and even chewed up gum in its mouth and makes him eat it. Chelsea loves to tease the ball kicking slave with her beautiful feet. Chelsea teases him before sinking her toes into his mouth. Foot fetish fans will love this video. Chelsea informs him that after the ball kicking party she expects to be taking shopping. She tells him how many outfits she wants and how she can’t wait to wear them for her boyfriend. A Brat Princess classic foot worship video. Chelsea is a complete brat in this clip. (10:26 long)

Clip contains: Mean bikini girl, financial domination, licking bottoms of soles, sucking on heels, spitting into mouth, slaves mouth being uses as a trash can, extreme brat princess behavior, spoiled brat, and foot worship .

10 minutes




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