Cherry – Thanks for the Room Sucker (Part 1) (720 HD)



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Cherry – Thanks for the Room Sucker (Part 1) (720 HD)

720 HD: Cherry found a sucker to pay for her Vegas hotel room. She plans to leave him alone in the room while she goes out in the outfit he’s just bought. Cherry’s keeping the loser in chastity. She teases his manhood. Cherry rubs her bubble butt against his locked-up prick. She manages to get her fingernail into the chastity and up into the loser’s urethra. Cherry tells the sucker to lick the bottoms of her shoes. When her legs are up in the air for her boyfriend later, she wants her soles to be clean. The loser’s tongue gets black and dirty. He deep throats her heel and gets it slick with spit. Cherry spits in the sucker’s mouth in an attempt to wash down the dirt. The loser’s face is covered in spitty dirt. Cherry makes the loser inspect his work, “So, when my boyfriend is fucking me and my legs are up in the air like this, do they look clean enough to you?” She makes the loser fellate both of her heels at once. “I want you to see how dirty your face is,” Cherry tells the sucker before making him wash. (10:11 long)

Clip contains: Cherry, dirty stiletto worship, spits in slave’s mouth multiple times, blackened tongue, Findom, chastity

10 minutes




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