Chichi and Kendall Chichi Teaches Kendall how to use the Resident Foot (720 HD)



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Chichi and Kendall Chichi Teaches Kendall how to use the Resident Foot (720 HD)

720 HD: Princess Kendall is a new little in her sorority. Her big, Chichi, introduces her to the resident servant boy. Chichi explains to her little that she can use the servant boy, danni, for anything she wishes. Chichi suggests, as an example, Kendall use danni to clean their shoes with his mouth. Chichi demonstrates by commanding danni lick the soles of her black stilettos. As Chichi makes danni suck the heel of Her shoe, she explains to Kendall that danni is available for heel sucking whenever. Kendall declares that She would like a personal barista, to carry around her Starbucks to class. You hear that? Says Chichi. She wants Starbucks. Whenever needed. Danni has no response. He is really quiet because he gets so nervous around girls. They take his silence as agreement. they make the little shoe licker lick the soles of Kendalls shoes and suck on Her heels, too. Hes like a doormat. Observes Chichi. Chichi shows Kendall the rest of the boys tricks. The best part is that danni also works well for having your feet worshiped. Kendall really enjoys the foot boy. He rubs her feet and sucks her big toe. Danni seems to understand that now he has to do whatever Princess Kendall says. (6:55 long)
Clip contains: Chichi, Kendall, foot worship, shoe licking, heel sucking, verbal humiliation, femdom sorority

7 minutes




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