ChiChi – Convinces Shy Roommate to Worship Her Feet (720 HD)



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ChiChi – Convinces Shy Roommate to Worship Her Feet (720 HD)

720 HD: Lola is reclining on the couch with some interesting literary criticism. Her roommate, ChiChi, enters. Lola looks up at her roommate, terrified. She immediately puts her e-reader away and begins massaging ChiChi’s arches. ChiChi primps in her Hello Kitty mirror while Lola massages her sore feet. ChiChi slowly moves her feet closer and closer to lola’s face. She sensually runs her soles across Lola’s cheek. Lola enjoys massaging ChiChi’s feet, but things are starting to get weird for her. ChiChi keeps putting her feet on Lola’s breasts and closer to her mouth. Although Lola is flattered by the attention, she’s starting to feel uncomfortable. “But it feels good, right?” ChiChi asks. ChiChi tells her shy roommate to kiss her toes. Lola feels awkward about the request, but she doesn’t want to be a disappointment to someone giving her so much attention. She uncomfortably giggles. ChiChi corrects her, “No it’s fun.” Lola decides she doesn’t want to humor ChiChi anymore. Lola starts to pull away, but ChiChi thrusts her whole foot into lola’s mouth. Lola looks very sad as her roommate her mouth with her foot. Lola is completely surprised by ChiChi’s brutality. How can someone so pretty be so mean? (9:24 long)

Clip contains: ChiChi, Foot Worship, Lesbian Domination

9 minutes




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