ChiChi – Seduces a Shoe Salesman Part 2 (720 HD)



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ChiChi – Seduces a Shoe Salesman Part 2 (720 HD)

720 HD: So, what kind of deal can I get for these shoes? ChiChi asks the salesman. He responds that the shoes are 10% off. How about 100% off? ChiChi asks. You mean give them to you? The salesman answers. The salesman tells ChiChi that he would lose his job if he were to give her the shoes for free. ChiChi tell him to just take the cost of the shoes out of his paycheck. The salesman objects that he can barely pay his own rent. This is unacceptable to ChiChi. She makes the salesman lie on the floor. ChiChi steps on the salesmans torso. She digs in her heels. ChiChi stomps on his crotch and says, I want these shoes and you are going to pay for them. The salesman agrees to buy ChiChi the shoes. She tells him to hurry and box them up, then. She has a thought. ChiChi thinks that her husbands two daughters would also love this exact shoe. Shes going to need two more pairs and both pairs will need to be licked prior to being boxed. The poor salesman does not think that he can provide two more pairs of the shoes. ChiChi tells the salesman to start licking a second pair of shoes. She lets him know that from now on, every pair of shoes that she gets from this store will have a lifetime cleaning warrantee. The terrified salesman dives right into the role of shoe licker. ChiChi tramples him a second time. The salesman is in agony as she drives her heels into him. He agrees to provide shoes for ChiChis stepdaughters. ChiChi is still not happy. She jumps on him and makes him continue licking while she stands on top of him. (9:04 long)
Clip contains: ChiChi, Femdom bullies shoe salesman into giving free shoes, shoe licking, trample in stiletto heels

9 minutes




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