Christina and Crystal – UGG Boot Domination and Humiliation (Part 1) (720 HD)



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Christina and Crystal – UGG Boot Domination and Humiliation (Part 1) (720 HD)

720 HD: Christina and Crystal want their dirty Uggs clean. They plan to humiliate slave failure by making him lick them clean. The girls utterly destroy the slave in this clip. They are complete brats. They know they can say anything they want to him. Crystal’s laffing is tough for the nerd failure to endure. Her giggles and laffing make the cuck feel like an idiot. She shows off the cucks new bird lock chastity cage to Christina. Christina loves it. “Oh my god. It’s like a ball thong. It really separates its balls”, says Christina. “It really does separate them”, giggles Crystal. It makes it more fun to tickle the balls. Christina tickles its balls and inspects its pink chastity bird lock. The girls wipe their Uggs on the slaves tongue to clean them. It really gets the dirt off their boots and onto its tongue where it belongs. “You’re nothing but a stupid Ugg licker. UGG stands for Ugly like you. You’re an Ugg licker because you’re ugly”. Christina and Crystal devastate the failure cucks self-esteem during this video. Christina takes her gum out and sticks on its head. Then the girls stand on its chest and wipe their Uggs off on its tongue. There is a great close up of Crystal wiping her Uggs off on its tongue. The sound it makes is disgusting. The scraping on the poor failures tongue makes a loud noise. The girls really want them clean. Crystal wipes her cute pink Uggs on its tongue and laffs while doing it. He is a complete slave to the girls. He can’t fight back at all. He knows its place. A Brat Princess classic. (13:06 long)

Clip contains: Uggs, Ugg licking, verbal humiliation, trample, Ugg trampling, bird lock chastity tube, lots of spitting, brat princess laffing, brat princess giggling, chastity teasing, tickiling balls in a chastity tube, emotional sadism, brat girls, and nerd failure .

13 minutes




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