Christina and Gia – Wallet slave Cleans Feet before Returning to Mall (720 HD)



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Christina and Gia – Wallet slave Cleans Feet before Returning to Mall (720 HD)

720 HD: PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED! Princesses Christina and Gia have had so much fun shopping for bathing suits! But, They still need more. They are so happy with Their purchases They need to go back and get the same thing in different colors. Before they go back to the mall, They want the wallet slave to lick all the sweat and dirt from Their feet. It’s a hard job spending other people’s money. Christina has the slave lick the soles of Her shiny black shoes. She makes him take the heel of Her stiletto all the way back into his throat. She wants to be able to see Her reflection in the shoes. It’s tongue isn’t getting wet enough to clean the feet of both girls. They spit in his mouth and on his face so that he is wet enough to keep cleaning. “Doesn’t that taste yummy loser?” Christina asks. “Do you like eating all the dirt off Our feet and licking them clean?” The slave is covered in spit. It needs to finish cleaning Their feet so they can go tan. They go outside to enjoy the beautiful day and leave the slave to lick Their shoes clean before heading back to the mall. (9:41 long)

Clip contains: Christina, Gia, Foot Worship, Shoe Worship, Femdom, Findom, moderate spitting, wallet slave, slave licks tall shiny black shoes, bikini brats

9 minutes




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