Christina and Khloe – Small Heartbroken Loser is Humiliated (720 HD)



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Christina and Khloe – Small Heartbroken Loser is Humiliated (720 HD)

720 HD Dan is a sad loser. He was engaged to a girl. She actually lived in another country so it was a long distance ‘relationship’. lol. After getting lots of cash from him, she dumped him. He is too ugly. He was completely heartbroken. He is still a virgin and his finance is now getting fucked regularly by her real boyfriend. Dan is so heartbroken the girls at school could tell. He was an easy mark. The girls got him to the sorority house and slapped a birdlock chastity tube on him. The first part of his training involves self-esteem removal. Since he has been dumped by his fiancé he is very vulnerable right now. This is exactly where the girls want him. They want him sad so when they insult and humiliate him he knows it’s real. The girls mock him about his fiancé dumping him. The girls spit in his face and make him lick their heels and suck their toes. Dan is so small he will not make a very good toilet slave. His stomach is very small so it does not hold much . But Dan has to take his turn in the toilet anyway. The girls are ruining him. His only hope is to be a sissy. This clip has extreme humiliation of a very small 24 year old virgin geek. (14:23 long)

Clip contains: Christina, Khloe, small nerd , spitting, 24 year old virgin mocking, extreme verbal humiliation, and brat girls..

14 minutes




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