Christina and Lola – Spoiled Bitch whips her slave for poor service



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Christina and Lola – Spoiled Bitch whips her slave for poor service

Christina is so spoiled. In this clip you see the crabby Princess Christina have to deal with poor domestic service from her lesbian slave lola. The sorority girls have colored poor lola’s hair and Christina mocks her new ‘look. Lola has to suck on the brats toes while on a leash and her paws placed obediently behind her back. Christina then sends lola to make her a sandwich. The sand which is not cut in half and there is still crust on the bread! Christina sends the lesbian slut whore slave back to the kitchen to make it again right! Lola is going to have to get whipped hard. Lola pleads with her Brat Princess to not whip her hard. Christina just laughs. Christina then begins a vicious whipping of the slut lola. Lola is humbled by the beating and pleads for herself. Christina just laughs and insults her more. The tears and whimpers are real in this brutal clip. Lola is being beaten by her younger brat princess owner. A great Brat Princess clip. Never before released. Christina pushes lola hard in this clip. Lola begs for mercy but Christina ignores her. You have to buy this clip. (15:31 long)

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