Christina and Madison – and Taunt the Sorority House Cuck (Part 2) (1080 HD)



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Christina and Madison – and Taunt the Sorority House Cuck (Part 2) (1080 HD)

Shot in full 1080 HD: Part 2 begins after 2 disasters. One the cuck spilled the drink that it was holding in part 1, and the girls tried using him as a urinal and it gagged and was unable to swallow everything. That is not shown in this clip. What you see is the real anger of Brat Princesses that are annoyed at the new cuck. Madison is particularly angry and slaps the young cuck hard. Both girls spit over and over into the cucks mouth. The most frustrating thing is how the girls make fun and taunt the cuck about his predicament. The girls slap it hard across the face and then let the cuck know that they will cry and tell the police it was the cuck that hit them. Madison is cruel as she acts like the victim and then slaps the helpless young cuck. She then laughs right in his face. They both know the police will believe the pretty girl over a man any day. She slaps the cuck as hard as she wants knowing the law is completely on her side. She even tells the cuck she might tell her boyfriend to come over and pound him while she directs the boyfriend to hit him harder or even to give the cuck a swirly. The cuck knows he is at the mercy of the sorority house Brat Princesses. He better learn how to swallow or he is going to be beaten a lot! FACESLAPPING, SPITTING, EXTREME BRAT GIRL BEHAIVOR (1080 HD) (8:27 long)

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