Christina and Madison – Double Chastity Tease in Purple Bikinis (Part 1) (1080 HD)



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Christina and Madison – Double Chastity Tease in Purple Bikinis (Part 1) (1080 HD)

Shot in 1080 HD! This is Mistress Nicolene’s personal cuckold slave. This cuck is enduring full lockdown since June 17, 2011. This clip was shot about 3 weeks into his chastity regimen. The slave then has to endure 2 hot girls in bikini’s teasing him for the entire day at the sorority house. First the girl check out the tube and then put on a humiliating pink leash. This will help the cuck know its place. Then the ball tickling begins. Christina always has perfect fingernails and she knows what a chastity slave needs is a good ball tickling. It helps with the blue balls! The ball tickling stimulates the cuck so the cum in its bag does not get stagnant. The tickling keeps the cum simmering which makes him a very productive cuckold. Madison thinks it is so funny! Christina and Madison take turns rubbing their shiny metallic purple bikinis on the cucks chastity tube. The girls also just spit right into his face. Christina thinks it is funny that they can do that do it. Bikini fans have to get this clip as the girls look amazing in this clip. The slave is left utterly humiliated as the hot mean brat girls spit in his face and tease him terribly. Nicolene is very pleased. The cuck will be even more motivated to please her. EXTREME CHASTITY TEASING, SPITTING, and METALIC SCRUNCH BUTT BIKINIS. (1080 HD) (8:18 long)

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