Christina and Mia – School Teacher Domination (Part 1) (720 HD)



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Christina and Mia – School Teacher Domination (Part 1) (720 HD)

720 HD: Christina and Mia heard from Victoria that their teacher licks boots. They are going to make sure he is going to lick their boots clean as well. If the teacher does not lick their boots well they are going to tell on him. The teacher is desperate to keep his job so he licks their boots. Throughout the video the girls taunt the teacher with threats of telling everyone about his foot and boot fetish. The girls wipe their boots on his tongue and snap gum in his face. The freshmen girls know their teacher is a weakling to hot girls and will give in to their demands. They use their teachers tie like a leash and pull his face up into their boots. They openly talk about a hot teacher who they think is hot. This teacher is a boot licker and a weakling. He is not hot at all. The girls are complete brats to their older teacher. (13:01 long)

Clip contains: Intense domination of teacher by freshmen students, humiliation, boot licking, blackmail of teacher by students, cleaning boots with tongue, emotional humiliation, and brat girl student domination of teacher involving blackmail scenarios, spitting, bubble gum chewing, snapping, and popping, and using teachers weakness for fetish to exploit and control him.

13 minutes




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