Christina and Mia – Stroker Humiliation (720 HD)



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Christina and Mia – Stroker Humiliation (720 HD)

720 HD: Christina and Mia let a slave fatty out of chastity so they can play with him before their vacation. The stroker is on his knees in front of the girls stroking away as the girls point and giggle at his predicament. He strokes only at the commands of his Princesses. “Stroke faster!” yells Mia. When they give him a red light, Christina teases him with her foot. Christina uses her big toe on the underside of its penis to drive him crazy. Fatty has a big foot fetish but a really small penis. The girls make fun of how small his penis and tease him with their bodies. “Come on stroker, stroke your little penis” says Christina. Fatty whimpers and cries on a stop command and Christina just teases him some more with her big toe. Christina sticks her tits in fatty’s face as he strokes away. Christina is teasing him while Mia keeps giving him red light green lights. The girls find it so funny. Fatty is humiliated when Christina measures his small penis and then mocks him for it. Fatty looks so pathetic stroking for the girls. Christina shoves her amazing ass in his face as they continue to give bitchy red light green light commands. Fatty gets close several times in this clip but the girls are quick to red light him and cut him off. The girls taunt the stroker more and more as he jerks of faster and faster for the girls. The girls find it so funny. They even spit in his face and tell fatty how ugly he is. The girls turn around and let fatty stroke away and kiss their ass. Fatty is so desperate and then the girls decide they are bored. Fatty is then locked up nice and tight how he belongs. This is a great clip to play along with. Stroke along with fatty and see if you can make it through this clip without cumming! This is one for the most humiliating Brat Princess clips of all time. Stroke addicts have to buy this clip. Small penis humiliation addicts, chastity fans, cuckolds, and tease and denial fans have to buy this clip. (13:23 long)
Clip contains: Stroker humiliation, JOI, jerk off instruction, red light green light, SPH, small penis humiliation (real), verbal humiliation, teasing, big toe teasing, chastity, ass addicts, some face slapping and spitting.

13 minutes




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