Christina and Noe – Red Light Means STOP JERKING IT (Part 1 of 2)



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Christina and Noe – Red Light Means STOP JERKING IT (Part 1 of 2)

FULL 1080 HD: After the 3rd day, Goddess Noe was ready to play Red Light Green Light. The girls start him with the red light and green light commands. The pathetic slave has to listen to the cruel laughter as the girls make fun of how silly men look when they jerk off. Goddess Noe puts her toes in his mouth and makes him suck her toes while on a Green Light. The slave is given several red lights as the girls enjoy building him close to coming and then cutting him off. Noe is brutal with the verbal humiliation as he mocks the noises the slave makes when jerking during a green light. “Go Faster!” , “Red Light!” “Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!”. This video shows the power hot girls have over a desperate chastity slave. Then they decide to make his boner go away. The poor slave with a huge hard on is to lose his erection. The girls spit in his mouth and is very strict regarding any illegal strokes after a red light. The girls decide he is getting to close to cumming and it is getting too dangerous. Better to end the game early then to have an accident. The girls take turns with vicious slaps and foot kicks to the slave’s balls. The girls kick his balls over and over until the erection is gone. The ball busting is brutal. Then Goddess Noe decides his erection is low enough to put it back in it’s tube. FETISHES: CB 3000 play, MASTERBATION, HUMILIATION, BRAT GIRLS, LAUGHING, BRUTAL BALL BUSTING, FOOTWORSHIP, TOTAL SEXUAL HUMILIATION AND FRUSTRATION OF A MALE TWICE THE SIZE OF HIS PRINCESS. (10:41 long)

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