Christina and Noe – the slave (Part 1 of 3)



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Christina and Noe – the slave (Part 1 of 3)

Full 1080 HD: Princess Noe from Miami Mean Girls introduces her slave to Brat Princess Christina in this soon to be Brat Princess Classic. In part 1, Noe makes her slave lick her shoes clean and Christina’s filthy slippers. Christina asks if she can spit in its mouth and Noe says of course! Christina’s slippers are absolutely filthy! Noe insisted off camera that Christina wear the slippers for the shoot. She wanted to show off to Christina how much control she has over it. The girls spit in its mouth a lot during all the parts of this series. Spitting fans have to get this clip and actually the whole series. Noe walks right on the slave’s chest in her boots. Then Christina walks all over his chest as well. Christina stands on its chest while Noe spits in his mouth while sitting on the counter. Then the girls ride around on his back like a horse. Slaves should be strong as a horse but obey like a . Then both girls ride around on the beast. Now the slave suffers the humiliation of being walked on by both girls as the girls take turns spitting into its mouth. Then Noe Stands on his chest and wipes her boot off on its tongue while standing on him. Fetishes included: SPITTING (LOTS!), TRAMPLING, FILTHY SHOE LICKING, SLIPPERS LICKING, FACE SLAPPING, PONY PLAY, and HUMILIATION. (9:49 Long)

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