Christina and Noe – the slave (Part 2 of 3)



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Christina and Noe – the slave (Part 2 of 3)

Full 1080 HD: Goddess Noe and Christina continue their of the slave in part 2. The clip stars off with more spitting. Noe stands on its chest and then squats down and spits in its mouth. Noe tunes around and shows the slave her ass while standing on its chest. She lets the slave know that he will never have her ass. Instead, the girls take turns spitting in its mouth over and over while Noe stands on him. Then Noe takes off her boots. The same boots she wore all the way from Miami in. She has had her feet in these boots for a long time while flying this day and again she insisted this be the first clip we shoot. Then she picks up her boots and spits on the soles for the slave to lick up. Then both girls spit on the sole for the slave to lick up off the sole. She tells the slave how a real man would never lick spit off the bottoms of a boot. Noe spends the first 6 minutes of the clips standing on the chest of the slave. Then the slave is put on its knees and Noe makes the slave smell her socks. Then little goddess Noe puts the much larger slave on its hind legs and slaps it right in its face. Goddess Noe says, “A real man would never let a little girl slap him in its face for fun.” Smelly sock fans have to buy this clip. Spitting fans have to buy this clip and trampling fans have to buy this clip. FETISHES INCLUDE: SPITTING, TRAMPLING, SOCK SMELLING, LICKING SPIT FROM BOTTOM OF BOOTS, HUMILIATION, and FILTHY SLIPPER LICKING. (9:35 long)

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