Christina and Noe – the slave (Part 3 of 3)



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Christina and Noe – the slave (Part 3 of 3)

Full 1080 HD: Goddess Noe and Christina continue their of the slave in part 3. First Noe makes the slave take off her socks with its mouth. Then Noe takes the sock and stuffs it right in its mouth. Then she takes off the other sock and stuffs it in its mouth as well! Unbelievable humiliation! Then Noe sticks her sweaty feet right under its nose and makes him smell her feet. The slave’s mouth is completely stuffed with socks and the girls laugh and giggle as they put their toes right under its nose. Noe then takes the socks out and makes her slave worship the feet of both Princesses. Christina then tells Noe all about chastity tubes. After this scene Noe places her slave in chastity for the rest of the trip. Foot worship fans have to buy this clip! The slave is in heaven as he is surrounded by both girls’ feet as he licks and sucks their toes. Noe places the slave on its back and tramples him again and stuffs her foot in its mouth while standing on him. Complete victory for the girls as the slave is completely controlled by the girls with their feet. FETISHES INCLUDE: FOOTWORSHIP, TRAMPLING, SPITTING, FACE SLAPPING, STUFF SOCKS IN MOUTH, FOOT SMELLING. BRAT PRINCESS CLASSIC! (10:43 long)

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