Christina and slave lola – Poor slave girl Dresses her Princess (1 of 3)



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Christina and slave lola – Poor slave girl Dresses her Princess (1 of 3)

It took a long time but we finally got lola to appear in a clip! Lola has been the females slave behind Brat Princess for a long time. She is always takes care of the girl’s clothes and shoes and makeup. This is a clip of her getting 18 year old Christina ready for a night out. Lola brushes her hair puts on her makeup, sucks her toes, and gets several spankings. One with a hairbrush. Christina is a total rich bitch and treats lola off camera really bad. You get a flavor of it in this rare video. Lola comes from a family with no money and the girls are really mean to her. She has to wear really high heels around all the time. It is very uncomfortable for lola to have to tend to the girls on these high heels. Lola is also in charge of the male cuck slaves when the girls are out. She milks the cuck’s monthly and supervises other cuck duties. This clip has foot worship, spankings, verbal humiliation, and domestic servitude. Part I has hair brushing, verbal humiliation, spanking with a hair brush, slave puts on Princesses makeup, and a bare hand over the knee spanking. Part I is 7:36 long. In Part 2 Princess Christina makes her slave girl lola suck her toes. This clip has great girl on girl foot worship. Christina makes Lola answer and hold her cell phone for her while she talks on the phone. Part 2 is 8:11 long. Part 3 Christina has her slave girl help her on with her bra, dress, and shoes. Christina spanks her slave girl lola very hard at the end. She writes slut on her chest and then leaves. Lola is left totally humiliated by the rich bitch Christina. Part 3 is 6:40 long. (The COMPLETE version is 22:18 long)

8 minutes




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