Christina and Whitney – Chastity Slaves Hate Red Light Green Light (720 HD)



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Christina and Whitney – Chastity Slaves Hate Red Light Green Light (720 HD)

720 HD: This is just cruel. Cuck slave fatty is let out of chastity just so the girls can amuse themselves with a cruel game of tease and denial. Fatty was tricked that this video was going to be a successful game of red light green light. The whole video he thought he was going to finally get to cum. The girls really make it tough on fatty. They call him names while he strokes away. They yell at him to stroke faster for them. They show their amazing asses to him and then when he gets close they cut him off quick with a cruel red light. Christina teases poor fatty with her big toe and showing off her amazing bikini fatty bought for her boyfriend to enjoy. Fatty gets close to cumming several times just to get the door slammed in his face with a sneer and a red light command. The girls control his stroking. Fatty thought he was going to get to cum this day. At the end Christian decides that fatty is going back into chastity. You get to see fatty kind of plead with Christina thinking that she is just messing with him. Christina and Whitney don’t care how many videos stroker made for them. He is going to go back into chastity because they said so. This short segment is interesting since it would normally be edited out of the video. It seemed kind of hot so we left it in. Christina does give the fans a cum countdown. So if tease and denial is just a fantasy then Christina will cum countdown you to full orgasm. I doubt any tease and denial fan can follow this game and not cum during this video. (12:01 long)

Clip contains: Tease and denial, red light green light, stroker humiliation, spitting, face slapping, cum countdown, CB 6000, chastity, no cumming allowed after humiliation, bikini girls, and brat girls.

12 minutes




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