Christina – Balls Kicked until terrible injury



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Christina – Balls Kicked until terrible injury

Being a ball kicking video slave is tough work. At Brat Princess Studios the girls most of the time forgets the ball kicking slave has physical limits. Shooting goes on for hours and hours as different girls file in to get their shoot in. A normal day for the ball kicking slave is for its balls to be kicked repeatedly throughout the afternoon and evening. When the girls take smoke breaks its mouth is used for ashes. When the girls need to use the bathroom, it is used there as well. Sometimes the video slave is allowed to ice its aching balls in between shoots. This clip was shot at the end of a very long ball busting session. Christina looks amazing in her purple bikini she just had to have. The shoes were extremely painful for the slave. This was the last shoot of the night. Christina was kicking away harder and harder. Christina was making comments to the camera while the ball kicking slave struggled to its feet. This showed amazing patience on Christina’s behalf. Then with still several videos to go, Christina unleashed a kick that really tore open the useless slave’s ball bag. The video ends abruptly. No is shown in compliance with policies. Normally over night the ball kicking slave is required to rest in a small cage with an ice pack. Christina allowed the slave to rest upstairs on the kitchen floor instead. Viewers are reminded that as terrible as this seems, this is a ball kicking slave. The testicles of this particular slave have no societal use except for kicking, slapping, and beating. It is inevitable the slave will suffer injuries like this. The slave was back up in front of the girls the next morning for some good hard kicks and several days later the slave endured tremendous punishment from several girls. It was a little scary for the girls but rest assured the slave’s balls have already been kicked in several times since this injury. The girls lost some money from the slave’s injury. They tried to keep shooting but its balls were too badly damaged. Clips4sale will not allow destruction videos and that is what it would have been if there were any girls left at the house to help hold the slave up for Christina. BALL BUSTING, BALL KICKING, KNEEING, SLAPPING, and PUNCHING (3:41 long)

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