Christina – Caged Cuck Dresses Princess for Date (720 HD)



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Christina – Caged Cuck Dresses Princess for Date (720 HD)

720 HD: Serving a real life Princess is tough in a lot of ways. There are long times spent in a cage waiting for Princess to need you for something. Christina demands complete and total slavery. The cuck spends hours in a small cramped cage while Christina rests comfortably in a king size bed. Then it is time for a date. The cuck is removed from his cage and is used first as a chair to put on her makeup. Rather than set her stilettos on the bare floor she casually rests them on the back of the slaves legs. After makeup is done, the slave is further humbled by having to lick her ass. The cuck is on his knees licking his Princesses ass. it is time to put a sexy dress on his Princess. The cruel truth to this is that the cuck bought Christina this dress. Now Christina towers in front of him in her bra panties and heels waiting for help to put on her dress. The cuck is in chastity so it is OK for her to be seen like this in front of it. Her boy friend says it’s OK to even be nude in front of the cuck. Christina is short and rude with the cuck as he helps her on with the very tight short dress. She keeps gushing about how happy her boy friend is going to be and how she can’t wait to wear it for her boyfriend. The cuck is just reminded over and over how he bought her this dress just so she looks hot for her boyfriend. The dress will only be worn this one time so he has an amazing night. Christina further the cuck with some ball tickling. Then it is back for more cage time. Christina believes in cage time for cucks. While in the cage the cuck has nothing to do but think of his Princess. Is she happy right now? Did I do everything to make her happy and to make sure her date is perfect? Was her outfit complete? Did everything match? These are the things a cuckold should think of while in the cage. Clip contains: Caged nerd cuck, using back of slave as chair, ass worship, helping pretty girl get dressed while in chastity. (8:15 long)

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