Christina Crystal and Madison – Clean our Boots (720 HD)



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Christina Crystal and Madison – Clean our Boots (720 HD)

720 HD The girls went out shopping and they want the virgin cuck to lick the mall off the bottoms of their boots. They play a game of ‘Princess Says…’ with the young cuck. Princess says lick the spit off the floor. Ewww gross! The slave licks the spit off of the floor. The cuck is humiliated by the girls. The virgin cuckold is then to lick the bottoms of the girl’s boots. The girls spit in his mouth to help it wash the dirt down better. They laugh at how black his tongue gets from the boot wiping. Crystal wipes her boot and then Christina spits in his mouth to wash the dirt down. He starts getting mud mouth from licking so much dirt from the boots. Mud mouth happens when there is so much dirt on the boots the slave can’t swallow it fast enough. The slave will actually start to get mud in its mouth. It is so gross. The slave is emotionally hurt by the mean girls. They make fun of his chastity and his virgin status. He is nothing but a boot licker for these girls. A Brat Princess classic! (13:49 long)
Clip contains: Christina, Crystal, Madison, spitting, boot licking, boot cleaning, spit licking, princess says, emotional sadism

14 minutes




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