Christina Crystal and Mia – Ballbusted by 3 Cheerleaders



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Christina Crystal and Mia – Ballbusted by 3 Cheerleaders

This is Crystals first chance to direct a ball kicking movie. The girls had 3 different bags they could have kicked so you see a short clip at the beginning where Crystal decides which one to kick. She is so cute when she picks the unfortunate slave. One slave actually begs her not to kick his balls. Then the kicking starts. Each cheerleader gets a set of 2 kicks. If the girl kicks the slave’s balls so hard that he falls to his knees, the cheerleader gets a bonus kick. Christina very quickly starts to make the slave shaky with tremendous full front kicks with her cheer sneakers. The kicks cause very loud pops that the girls love. Crystal and Mia absolutely love ballbusting. Crystal giggles with each kick and she is very pleased with herself. Christina delivers a kick that causes a bonus kick that the girls celebrate. ‘Stupid head’, as Crystal calls him, is being devastated by the cheerleaders. They keep making fun of the poor guy throughout the clip. 18 year old Crystal really makes the old guy feel bad. The human chair and slave fatty are also used for the girls to sit on and to hold drinks. Slave fatty has to hold a drink for Christina the whole video and the slave chair has to endure holding Christina as she watches Crystal kick a way full . The overall tone is celebratory as the girls just have an amazing time destroying their balls. The girls laugh and celebrate each kick. There is also a scene where a cheerleader stands triumphantly on its chest while another cheerleader kicks its balls very hard. Clip contains: Ball Busting, Cheerleaders, Bratty girl behavior, human furniture, trampling, humiliation, and intense numerous full kicks by athletic cheerleaders. (14:27 long) HD VERSION AVAILABLE

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