Christina Crystal and Mia – Humiliate 25 Year Old Cuck Virgin (Part 1) (720 HD)



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Christina Crystal and Mia – Humiliate 25 Year Old Cuck Virgin (Part 1) (720 HD)

720 HD: The girls find out that the cuckold is a 25 year old virgin and they find it so funny and sad. He is naked except for his chastity tube and is at the mercy of the Brat Princesses. The girls label him a virgin. Literally. They write virgin and all sorts of men things all over his body. The girls have decided he will be a virgin forever. He will be kept in a chastity tube and locked up even tighter. The girls then make the cuckold lick the bottoms of their sexy boots. The girls then list all the reasons why he is a virgin. He is completely humiliated by these mean girls. The only pussy he ever sees is when it is pissing in its face. His penis has never been touched except for being poked at or made fun of by girls. The cuck is to suck on the heels and lick all of the girl’s boots. They find out he has never even kissed a girl. So they make him make out with Christina’s boot! He loses his make out virginity to a boot! The girls LOL right in his face. (10:28 long)

Clip contains: Christina, Crystal, Mia, virgin mocking, boot licking, chastity, writing mean things on slaves body, spitting, some slapping, EXTREME emotional sadism, brat girls, and sucking heels of boots .

10 minutes




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