Christina – Cuck Gets 18 Year Old Princess Ready for a Date



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Christina – Cuck Gets 18 Year Old Princess Ready for a Date

This video was shot a while back and was held back for another web site that never came about. One of the most humiliating tasks a cuckold has is to get a girl ready so she can get fucked by another man on a date he pays for. Christina is a handful for a cuck on a normal day but when she is getting ready for a date she is especially bitchy and bratty. The cuck brushes her hair, licks her ass and puts on her shoes for her. The cuck of course gets his chastity tube mocked by Christina. She rubs her ass up against the locked cock with her ass all the while the key dangles from her belly ring. The cuck is completely controlled by this 18 year old goddess. Christina has the cuck hold up her dresses she my wear that makes the cuck look stupid. The cuck is to hold up dresses wearing nothing but a chastity tube while an 18 year old girl decides which one she will wear for another man. Crushing humiliation for the cuckold. Then the cuck has to put the dress on for Princess and it catches something and causes the Princess pain. She slaps the cuck hard. Then she finds out the shoes don’t match and Princess is enraged. The cuck gets slapped hard and then the other dress has to get put on. Christina enjoys lots of ass worship in this video as well. This video shows great domestic femdom with a cuck in chastity serving an 18 year old brat. One of the best Brat Princess videos of all time. Brat Princess fans will love this clip. Christina fans will love this clip as well. CUCKOLDING, ASS WORSHIP, CHASTITY, CFNM, BRAT GIRLS, HAIR BRUSHING, CHASTITY, FINANCIAL DOMINATION(15:12 long)

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