Christina – Desperate Chastity Cuck Humps Leg While Princess Laughs (1080 HD)



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Christina – Desperate Chastity Cuck Humps Leg While Princess Laughs (1080 HD)

1080 HD: This clip made it to #1 on Clips4Sale! This is one of our best videos ever. Christina is back from her date and wakes the napping cuckold by kicking his cage. The cuckold was to rest in a cage after getting the Brat Princess the outfit she wore on her date. Now that she is back, the Princess complains her legs are tired from all the fucking. The cuck starts giving the Princess a leg massage and then the verbal assault begins. It isn’t enough that Christina keeps the poor cuck in a cage, she has to tease the poor cucks chastity cage and spit in its mouth. Then Christina lets the cuck hump her leg! The cuck is getting the most action he will ever get! The verbal humiliation is very high as Christina lets him know exactly what she thinks of it. One of the most intense verbal humiliation videos we have ever done. Christina laughs her ass off as the pathetic cuck keeps humping her leg. The cuck is drooling all over the place, but she tells him that he is staying in chastity tonight. Christina makes the cuck lick her ass before she stuffs the cuck back in the cage so he can go to round 2 with her real man boyfriend. A Brat Princess must! Christina fans have to get this clip. Fans of cuckold, chastity, tease and denial, spitting and intense emotional humiliation will love this clip! CLIP CONTAINS: EXTREME EMOTIONAL HUMILIATION, LEG MASSAGE, LOTS OF FULL SPITTING, CUCKOLD, CHASTITY TEASING, SLAVE HUMPING BRAT PRINCESS LEG WHILE SHE LAUGHS AND VERBALLY ASSAULTS CUCK, and ASS WORSHIP. (10:31 long)

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