Christina – Electric Chastity Tube Training (Part 1) (720 HD)



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Christina – Electric Chastity Tube Training (Part 1) (720 HD)

720 HD: DO NOT BUY THIS CLIP IF YOU HAVE ALREADY BOUGHT THE COMBO VERSION!!!!) Christina has decided that since slave fatty is now in permanent chastity, a Dream Lover 2000 device is required for his training. DreamLover Labs is a male management company that makes some incredible products that girls will love using on their boyfriends, slaves, and sugar daddies! Christina loves the super kewl remote that controls this chastity device. It fits perfectly into a purse or even a small clutch! Slave fatty now has an electrode on the base of his balls and another at the tip of his penis. With a flick of a perfectly manicured fingernail, she can deliver an electric shock to the base of its balls and out the tip of its dick. Slave fatty also has an amazing vibrating pad trapped inside his chastity tube. The girls can now throw fatty a bone and give him a vibrating cycle on the underside of his penis. The vibration is right on his million dollar spot that drives males crazy! For fatty it’s the next best thing to an orgasm. He can’t cum anymore but the girls can press a button and give him some intense pleasure but yet not as fulfilling as an orgasm that real men get to have.
In this clip, Christina demonstrates on poor fatty many level 3 pulses on his balls. She also teases poor fatty with ass worship. If fatty’s tongue slows down, he gets shocked. If fatty is a good boy, he can get the vibrating pad on the underside of his penis. It is not completely satisfying for fatty but it is better than a level 3 shock pulse! Christina loves grinding her perfect round ass on to slaves fatty tube and vibrating the cuck into intense sexual frustration. Then she shocks his balls to bring it back down to earth. Ha ha!) (11:42 long)
Clip contains: Dreamlover Lab 2000 Chastity device, DL2000, sexual frustration, cuck training, spitting, face slapping, ass worship training with cock and ball shocking, vibrator inside a chastity tube controlled by a remote control, verbal humiliation, and teasing and denial.

11 minutes




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