Christina – POV Ass Worship for Addicts (Part 2) (720 HD)



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Christina – POV Ass Worship for Addicts (Part 2) (720 HD)

720 HD: “There is nothing wrong with being a jerk addict. I mean that is what you are good at isn’t it?” asks Christina. In this clip Christina assures you it is OK to be jerk addict. She wants to see how many times you can cum in one day. How many times can you jerk off in one day? A great day for losers is to buy clip after clip and jerk off to each one. This is a great clip to start off a jerking day to. She puts baby oil on her amazing legs and ass to make your jerking even easier. She then gives you a cum countdown with a mocking “jerk and pay” while you stroke. We added as a bonus and amazing sequence at the end. Christina walks around the deck with her oiled up ass and taunts you to keep jerking and paying. You really feel like you are crawling on the floor behind her as she tells you to follow and pay. Jerk and pay as you crawl behind her ass. Her ass is oiled up in lotion that makes it very easy to cum to. This clip is meant to make you feel better about your porn and jerk off addiction. If you are not addicted yet this is a great starter video in to financial domination. This clip will make it easier to embrace your porn addiction and to learn to be proud to be a jerk addict. Christina wants you to be a paying jerk addict. You need to stroke and pay, jerk and pay, and cum and pay. Buy this clip now. (9:06 long)

Clip contains: JOI, Jerk off instruction, porn addiction humiliation, ass fetish, ass addiction, metallic scrunch butt bikini, and extreme financial domination.

9 minutes




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