Christina – Red Light Green Lights Fatty to Tears (720 HD)



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Christina – Red Light Green Lights Fatty to Tears (720 HD)

720 HD: Red Light Green Light has been a long time favorite for the girls of Brat Princess to and humiliate house slaves. The girls enjoy showing off their power they have over the cucks. A simple Red light and a giggle put the slave in quite the predicament. Weeks or even months of chastity has caused the slave to have so much sexual frustration he is close to tears when the red light command is given. Christina loves Red light green light. In this soon to be Brat Princess classic, Christina edges the poor cuck over and over. She slaps fatty across the slave when he is slow on a red light command. She talks to fatty teasing him over and over. She taunts fatty about how he bought the gold dress she is wearing and her boyfriend will bend her over and fuck her in it. Christina makes fatty kiss and even lick her ass before and after he is in chastity. She shoves her feet in his mouth while she red lights and green lights him. Then after a close call on a red light, Christina uses her big toe to tease the tip of fatty’s erect but still small penis very close to orgasm but still denied. (13:56 long)
Clip contains: Small penis humiliation, tease and denial, red light green light masturbation game, face slapping, spitting, chastity, financial, domination, ass kissing, ass licking and worship, and extreme sexual sadistic directed edging.
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14 minutes




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