Christina – Spits in Nerds Face While Being Psychologically Devastated (720 HD)



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Christina – Spits in Nerds Face While Being Psychologically Devastated (720 HD)

720 HD: The girls are sick of their nerd. It has been harder and harder to get it to buy stuff since the cuck has so much debt now. The girls need to step up the psychological war against this cucks bbrain to keep getting stuff they want. In this clip Christina demonstrates the final stages of using up a loser. The cuck is in his last legs financially. The debt is a huge burden for the cuck and it is affecting the girls shopping now. In order to squeeze the last penny they can out of it they begin to make the cuck listen to headphones so he knows what girls think of him. The point of the tape is to make the cuck feel worthless about itself and to lower any barriers for the final wallet r*aping. Christina spits into the slaves face and mouth over and over to increase the tapes effects on its already damaged brain. Years of mental has taken its toll on this cuck. But it needs more so the girls can completely ruin him. In these last few weeks the girls have been really hitting him the charges. Shopping trips and daily wallet is the new normal for this cuck. In this clip you can hear the blasting audio in the cucks headphones and see its effects on him. Spit lovers will love this clip as well since Christina spits in his face over and over. Financial slave fans, cash cows, and cash cocks will love this clip as well. For slaves that are interested in brain re wiring and extreme psychological will love this clip as well. This clip has EXTREME mental of a poor nerd by a mean girl who is planning his complete financial destruction. (13:02 long)

Clip contains: Bbbrain re-wire, using head phones to blast psychologically damaging messages directly into the brain of a cuck, spitting, chastity, extreme insults, financial domination, and emotional sadism.

13 minutes




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