Christina – Verbal Humiliation of Cuck (With Spitting and Teasing) (1080 HD)



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Christina – Verbal Humiliation of Cuck (With Spitting and Teasing) (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Christina pulls the cuck in by the ear. She is pissed. She went to tan and her tanning membership was not working. The cucks credit card was maxed out and the monthly charges did not go through for the tanning membership. Christina lets him know that the only reason he exists for girls is for money. She really lets the cuck have it. The cuck is told over and over that he is an idiot and is not a real man. Her boy friend will get to fuck her hard tonight in the outfit the cuck paid for. Christina is absolutely brutal with the verbal humiliation. “You’re not a real man. You’re a walking credit card!” She spits in his face and tells the cuck what girls think of him. He is in chastity and is a nothing to girls. “If I am not happy then my boyfriend is not happy and he will pound you for it. I can do anything I want to you. And you have to take it because you are a cuck. My boyfriend and I are going to bring our dinner scraps home tonight and dump them on the floor for you to eat while we fuck”. Clip contains: CHASTITY, TEASING, CUCKOLD, BRUTAL VERBAL HUMILIATION, EMOTIONAL SADISM, FINANCIAL DOMINATION SPITTING, and BRAT GIRLS. (6:44 long)

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