Crystal and Mia – Humiliate the Stroker (Re-Wire into Garbage Can) (Part 1) (720 HD)



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Crystal and Mia – Humiliate the Stroker (Re-Wire into Garbage Can) (Part 1) (720 HD)

720 HD: The girls continue to re-wire the brain of the sorority slaves. In this clip they are making one sexualize the eating of toe nails. This will enable the girls to use its mouth as a waste basket for light garbage. They put the slave head up on a toilet seat and Mia uses its head as a brace to trim her toe nails on. Crystal shoves her toes in its mouth as Mia clips the nails right in its face. The slave is locked in chastity by the girls as well. This has the effect of getting the slave ready for his training. The girls toss the pathetic slave his key and they begin to red light green light him. He is utterly humiliated as he unlocks his chastity tube and his small penis falls out. The girls giggle at how small his penis is. They spit and slap his face for the fun of it. This gets the slave a chubby. This is a good sign. He is already associating humiliation and physical pain with sexual pleasure. The girls place him in a red light to stop the jerking and the male complies. Mia places a toe nail clipping in its mouth to treat the good behavior. The slave swallows and a green light is given. This conditions the male to wanting to eat toe nails. It knows its cock feels good whenever it get to eat a toenail. The girls slap and spit whenever he goes over with too many strokes after a red light command. The slave will no longer want to have a normal relationship. He will want to be garbage can. (9:48 long)

Clip contains: Crystal, Mia, toe nail eating, foot worship, red light green light, face slapping, spitting, small penis humiliation, chastity, and emotional sadism.

10 minutes




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