Crystal and Mia – Humiliate the Stroker (Re-Wire into Garbage Can) (Part 2) (720 HD)



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Crystal and Mia – Humiliate the Stroker (Re-Wire into Garbage Can) (Part 2) (720 HD)

720 HD: The training continues. The slave swallows a toe nail and it gets a green light. The training procedure is to place the slave in a red light. The toe nail is placed in its mouth. The slave is then put in a green light as it swallows the toe nail. The girls treat the slave for good behavior of swallowing trash. When the toe nail clippings run out the girls increase the cruelty. They place him in even longer green light only to end it with a red light and a face slap. It is so desperate to cum. The girls continue to edge the stroker. They command him to stroke faster and faster. Mia shoves her feet in its mouth as he desperately jerks his cock. The girls take him to the edge several times only to be rejected with a red light and slap. Then the girl’s start spitting in its face and mouth. They laugh at the goon faces it makes. The slave is left right at the edge and placed back into chastity. The girls then take the frustrated slave to the mall where they will melt his credit cards. (7:10 long)

Clip contains: Crystal, Mia, toe nail eating, brain re-wire, red light green light, face slapping, spitting, and extreme emotional sadism.

7 minutes




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