Crystal and Victoria – Toilet Swirly the Nerd Until it Gives



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Crystal and Victoria – Toilet Swirly the Nerd Until it Gives

DVD Quality: Definition of Swirly: The process of sticking someone’s head in the toilet and flushing. Crystal is a mean girl freshman. She has decided to give the sorority cuck slave a new name. She decided his new nickname will be “failure”. All of the other girls love it! The cuck is devastated by this. The girls make him admit he is a failure by pushing his face into the toilet. This video was shot right after the girls snapped the lock shut on a new chastity device. The slave is now locked up safe and secure in a pink Birdlock Mini! It is a very snug fit for the cuck Victoria demands chastity tubes worn by cucks to be nice and tight. Victoria ties the pink bow on the tube to make it even cuter. Then the swirlies begin. Crystal likes flushing the toilet on his ugly face. The laughter is devastating for the cuck. The girls laugh and laugh at the cuck. Each time they pull his face up they ask him what his name is. Finally the cuck admits he is a failure and Crystal smiles ear to ear. She has removed even more self esteem from the cuck. It looks like the girls may have found the right slave for the 3rd floor toilet the girls have always wanted for the sorority house. Clip contains: Mean giggling and laughing as the shove nerds face into toilet, flushing a toilet when a nerds face is at the bottom, emotional humiliation, chastity, Birdlock mini, bikini girls, brat girls, and nerd . (8:58 long)

9 minutes




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