Crystal -Devastating Kicks to Tied up Slave (720 HD)



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Crystal -Devastating Kicks to Tied up Slave (720 HD)

720 HD: Crystal is a vicious ball kicker. She likes to wear boots and she kicks as hard as she can. Crystal is kicking by herself so the slave is tied up with rope. His hands and arms are tied. Plus she ties ropes to pull its thighs apart. This gives her complete access to its balls. The slave is absolutely helpless to Crystal. Crystal unleashes some ruthless kicks with her boots on. The full kicks destroys the slave. It screams out in agony. Crystal continues to kick. You think its balls are going to come apart from all the kicking. The clip ends a little earlier so Crystal can change outfits. The boots were just destroying the slave’s balls. The ball bag was close to coming apart from the pounding it was taking from her boots. Full boot kicks from Princess Crystal cause extreme damage. She changes into her cheer sneakers. Unfortunately for the slave, Crystal can actually kick harder in cheer sneakers! She is a cheerleader and is much more comfortable kicking in sneaker than boots. She delivers some amazing kicks with her sneakers. Crystal has great pop with her kicks. She just explodes her foot up into the balls of the restrained slave. The slave howls in pain. Crystal keeps kicking. Finally a flurry of kicks causes an injury that shuts down the filming. The slave cannot continue or Crystals white sneakers will be ruined. The look Crystal gives into the camera after this last kick lets you know how serious of an injury this was. This clip is horrific. (10:26 long)

Clip contains: Crystal, ball kicking, ball kicking with boots, kneeing, disco pants, sneakers, horrific, and extreme brutality.

10 minutes




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