Crystal – Freshman has new Humiliating Ideas for Sorority Cuck (720 HD)



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Crystal – Freshman has new Humiliating Ideas for Sorority Cuck (720 HD)

720 HD: Crystal is so adorable in this clip. “You remind me of a . An ugly . A that no one wanted. Ha ha!” Crystal is crabby because of all the homework she has, but she has the lowly sorority cuck to worship her feet and try and make her happy. The cuck is kept naked in a chastity tube all the time. Crystal has a great idea she can’t wait to tell the other girls about it. It will be given a chance to be out of chastity to cum but only if it pays. He will have to pay to cum. Crystal just casually tells the cuck all the things she wants to buy with his cum tax money. She is so happy! She rolls over onto her stomach and the cuck has to see her beautiful 18 year old ass while he sucks on her toes. The cuck is actually whimpering as he looks at her ass while Crystal taunts him how her boyfriend gets to cum any time he wants. Crystal informs the cuck that she is the boss of him and he has to do whatever she says. One of the best Brat Princess clips ever! Clip contains: 18 year old college freshman, foot worship, emotional cruelty, chastity control, cum tax, and bratty school girl behavior.(10:09 long)

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