Crystal – Virgin Wallet Slave Emptied and Humiliated (720 HD)



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Crystal – Virgin Wallet Slave Emptied and Humiliated (720 HD)

720 HD: Crystal loves humiliating her virgin slave. She has him locked in an extra tight chastity tube for over a month. She loves taking his self-esteem away by shoving his face in the toilet and mocking him while he strokes on his knees. Crystal locked him up on his birthday! That was his birthday gift being locked up in chastity. How pathetic is that? It got locked up in an extra tight chastity tube on its birthday. Crystal has been hitting its wallet hard lately so she decides to let the cash cow out for a short time as a treat. He doesn’t get to cum but it does get a little breather. She shoves his face in the toilet and flushes it on it. She then hits the cow’s wallet! She makes it fetch the wallet the cow keeps its cash in. She empties its wallet and shoves its face in the toilet. She allows the virgin cuck to stroke. This is real financial domination and cuckold domination! She slaps his face while it strokes and she verbally humiliates it. She keeps taking cash out of its wallet. She even finds the secret compartment in its wallet the cow tries to hide cash from her when she rinses him. It is on his knees stroking as she completely empties his wallet of cash. She even takes a credit card! Once the cash is gone she forbids stroking. She is re-wiring him into only enjoying sexual pleasure while he is actively being rinsed. If the cash runs out the stroking has to stop! This clip is amazing because you see how Crystal is with her slaves in a real life rinsing session. Crystal completely dominates this cuck financially. He is a virgin who is being completely used up by this girl. This clip is a chastity-humiliation-financial domination-brain rewire epic. Highly recommended! (12:54 long)

Clip contains: Crystal, virgin mocking, financial domination, wallet rinse, JOI, tease and denial, toilet swirly, emotional sadism, brain rewire, cuckold, chastity, face slapping

13 minutes




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