Dakota – Step-Daddy Gets a Milking (DVD)



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Dakota – Step-Daddy Gets a Milking (DVD)

720 HD: “Step-Mommy told me I need to milk you,” Dakota tells step-daddy. Dakota’s kept step-daddy waiting because she had to look for step-daddy’s key. She found it at the bottom of her gym locker. Dakota thinks it’s kinda funny that step-mommy keeps step-daddy locked up, then goes on dates with other men. Now, step-mommy’s left Dakota to do step-daddy’s milking. Like a chore. Maybe, Dakota can just leave step-daddy in chastity. She’s pretty sure step-mommy won’t mind. Step-Daddy seems so eager to get out of chastity. Dakota can probably get her eager step-daddy to do whatever she wants. She gives him a list of demands. He better do what she wants if he wants to get his release. Dakota lets step-daddy out. His penis got really big for his tormentor. Dakota teases him. She wants her step-daddy to want more. Step-Daddy’s cock is so hard. “This is why you obey me so much.” She tells him. Dakota knows that she can get her step-daddy to do anything for her when he’s like this. Dakota tells him that she wants him to clean her room. Step-Mom has been on Dakota’s back about her things being left on her floor. Dakota tells step-daddy she wants him to clean it. She wants to go shopping, too. She wants step-daddy to drive her and her friend to the mall so that he can get them new bikinis for spring break. “I’m going to make you broke, step-daddy.” Dakota is getting excited thinking about shopping. It’s time for step-daddy to hurry up and make his milk. Dakota is ready to spend his money. Step-Daddy makes a lot of milk!!! Dakota keeps stroking his milky cock. Step-Daddy tries to wiggle away, but seems to know that he needs to get locked back up before step-mommy comes home from her date. (11:15 long)

Clip contains: Dakota, handjob, taboo, step-daddy kept in chastity by step-mommy, step-daddy milked by Spoiled Princess

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11 minutes




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