Deck His Balls (Part 1 of 2)



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Deck His Balls (Part 1 of 2)

BRAT PRINCESS CLASSIC! Princess Brandi is all dressed up for her Christmas party in her Santa’s Little Helper outfit and she needs some help from her friends. She wants her slave to have the biggest bluest balls at the party. She asks Princess Torie and Princess Kelli to help with the ‘decorations’ and they really lay into its balls. The girls take turns with full swing kicks over and over but the balls are not getting big enough fast enough. Brandi is getting more and more frustrated. Princess Torie notices that one ball is smaller then the other so they try and even him out with punches to the one ball. Kelli eventually ties his penis to his stomach so it is out of the way so his balls take more . Princess Torie shows Kelli a trick by using the side of her fist to smash is balls. Princess fists of fury as Torie and Katie punch his balls. Brandi also gets some real hard full swing kicks to his balls. Her long beautiful legs swing over and over into his balls as the other two hold him in place The girls constantly hold and pull him up. They are still too small! Brandi does not have all day! Brandi whines for him to get up and take more. Purple is her favorite color and Brandi wants them darker and bigger. The girls laugh and giggle through out and every now and then get so sadistically mean. Kelli: I want to see your balls go up your throat! Are you choking on them yet? Brandi mocks him with coughing. So cruel! Brandi is determined and she whines and Kelli and Torie just lay into him. Torie goes into full sadistic Princess mode and insists he takes more and more. This video has 3 young bratty Princesses decorating their slave’s balls for the holidays! (9:02 long))

9 minutes




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