Emma and Megan – School Girl Brat Domination (Part 4)



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Emma and Megan – School Girl Brat Domination (Part 4)

The girls are absolutely cruel in this clip. The cuckold has been in chastity for 6 weeks now! 6 weeks without an erection. The girls decide that the end of the semester is when he will be allowed out. Once a semester is plenty for a cuckold. The girls constantly mock the cuck for wanting to be out of chastity. Why? No one would ever fuck him. He is a loser. The girls yell at him for being so selfish and not thinking about them. The cuck is in agony. They are using his foot fetish to him. Megan playfully taps the heel of her Mary Jane’s on his chastity tube while Emma fucks its mouth with her the heel of her shoes. Emma takes off her shoes and shove her socks in it face. Emma sensuously rubs her knee high socks all over his face. The cuck is being immersed in a humiliation nightmare. One girl is teasing his chastity tube with their foot while another is rubbing her feet all over its face. The girls mock him how he is straining against the confines of his chastity tube. During all of this physical teasing they keep up with the emotional sadistic comments about the poor nerd cuck. The cuck is so frustrated. He has to do what the girls say. Their boyfriends would pound him or worst Bella will punish him. The nerd cuck is in quite the predicament. The cucks balls turn purple during this teasing and the girls don’t care. Clip contains: Extreme Brat Princess Behavior, teasing a cuckold in chastity with feet and socks, foot worship, cruel sadistic emotional sadism, and mean school girls. A Brat Princess classic. (15:07 long)

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