Emma – Ball Shocker Fun for Bored Brat Princess (720 HD)



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Emma – Ball Shocker Fun for Bored Brat Princess (720 HD)

720 HD: The cable TV is not working and Brat Princess Emma is bored and wants to be entertained. The ball kicking slave is removed from its holding cage in the basement and she places a shock collar around his balls. She makes sure the collar sits snugly so the electrodes are up against its ball sack. The girl can then shock the slave’s balls with a simple press of a button. Emma simply wants to laugh. She instructs the slave to make her laugh or it will get its balls shocked. It’s just like watching TV! When Princess is bored she simply changes the channel by clicking the correction button. The correction is felt and this shock to the slaves balls tells it that Princess is bored and to try something else. This freaking hurts. I mean this collar is not meant for humans. Emma does not care. She even gives him a penalty shock for grabbing at the shock device. The device is to be left on its balls so she can shock him. Emma acts like she is watching a TV program! She snacks while she channel surfs the wretched slave to misery. The tone is playful and bratty. Lots of giggling. The clip ends with Emma holding the button down until the slave could not take it anymore and pulls the device off. The clip ends. (6:22 long)

Clip contains: Brutal bratty laughter, Brat Princess being entertained by male’s balls being shocked, slave being to humiliate itself to entertain bored Brat Princess, and penalty ball shocks.

6 minutes




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