Gia and Madison – Hot Girls Humiliate a Geek (Part 2) (1080 HD)



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Gia and Madison – Hot Girls Humiliate a Geek (Part 2) (1080 HD)

Shot in beautiful FULL 1080 HD! In part 2 the humiliation continues. Now the girls start sticking their heels in the geek’s mouth and makes him suck it. The girls laugh and giggle while they fuck his mouth with their heels. This video really shows the power that a hot confident girl can have over geek who is wearing a chastity tube. He is completely broken. He does whatever they say and they just laugh and laugh at him. There is a lot of spitting in this clip as well. The geek licks the filthy soles of the Brat Princesses and then opens his mouth for the girls to spit in. The whole time he listens to the laughter and giggles of the girls. He can only hope to make them happy and continue to be amusing to them. If they get bored he could get pounded by the males that actually date and fuck them. Gia takes off her shoe and sinks her toes into the slave’s mouth only to take them out so she can spit in it. A Brat Princess classic clip! One of our best ever! CLIP CONTAINS: HEEL WORSHIP, SPITTING, FOOT WORSHIP, BRAT GIRLS, EMOTIONAL SADISM, AND FEMALE DOMINATION. (7:11 long)

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