Gia and Madison – Hot Girls Humiliate a Geek (Part 3) (1080 HD)



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Gia and Madison – Hot Girls Humiliate a Geek (Part 3) (1080 HD)

Shot in beautiful FULL 1080 HD! Part 3 has intense foot worship and humiliation and a lot more spitting. The girls just laugh and laugh as they shove both of their feet in its mouth. They taunt him through out as they enjoy the foot worship from their dork. The girls are heartless. Utterly heartless. They call him a dork and just laugh right in his face. He is nothing but a tool. The girls decide they will attach the leash to his chastity tube when they need to take him to the bathroom to use him as a urinal. The geek is put on its back and the girls’ tower over him shoving their toes into his mouth. When the toes come out, the girls give the open command and the girls spit into its wide open mouth. The clip has more intense spitting and foot worship scenes. Spitting and humiliation fans will love this clip. Lying on your back wearing a chastity tube with a leash attached to it and having hot girls spit in to your mouth. The clip ends mocking the slave as they tell him their intention of using him as a urinal. It is tough being a geek! One of our best ever clips! CLIP CONTAINS: SPITTING, BRAT GIRLS, FOOTWORSHIP, CHASTITY, HUMILIATION, and CFNM. (13:14 long)

13 minutes




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