Gia – Sneaker Sock and Footworship with Ball Kicks (Yellow Shorts) (1080 HD)



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Gia – Sneaker Sock and Footworship with Ball Kicks (Yellow Shorts) (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Gia looks so cute in her socks and sneaker outfit. The problem is the bottoms of her sneakers are filthy. Gia loves that the ball kicking slave has to lick her sneakers clean. She shoves the whole toe of her sneaker into the ball kicking slave’s mouth. She then tells the slave to get up and kicks the slave’s balls as hard as she can. So funny for Gia but terrible for the ball kicking slave. Gia then makes the slave take off her sneakers so it can smell her socks. Gia decides to kick the slaves balls some more! She is so cute when she tells the slave she is going to kick its balls as hard as she can. She is just so happy! The slave is down but Gia wants more! The slave is to spread its legs again as Gia bashes its balls again with full sneaker kicks. Gia then enjoys some foot worship. Gia loves pushing her toes into the slaves mouth. This is not huge ball kicking clip. The clip just has 5 or 6 full kicks that drops the slave. Clip contains: Ball busting, spitting into slaves mouth, sneaker cleaning with slaves tongue, sock smelling, foot worship, financial domination, and bratty Princess behavior. Tone is playful and bratty. (11:45 long)

11 minutes




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